How to install on

How to install on

Steps to follow

  1. The box you have received contains a CLISTEEV device, DC fan regulator, extension wire and a JST wire cable
  2. Also, you have got a connection diagram which you can share with the electrician for connection reference.
  1. Please Check below Links for “How To Install” video.  

  1. Refer Wiring Diagram overleaf.
  2. We would recommend you take help of an electrician for making the necessary connections and for placing the device behind the switch board.
  3. There is a green indicator visible which shows the device is plugged in properly.


  1. Search for ‘CLISTEEV’ app on Google Play Store or Click on Below Link to install –

Download Now

  1. Signup using mobile number and then enter OTP.
  2. Click on ‘Add Device’.
  3. Select the suitable method – QR Code (no Wi-Fi router) or Wi-Fi (if you have a Wi-Fi router).
  1. This mode to be used only when there is no Wi-Fi router installed at home.
  2. Configure your device in QR mode by pressing any switch for 7-8 times like On-Off-On-Off-On-Off-On-Off. You will hear a click sound and it is done.
  3. Connect your phone to Wi-Fi named as “CLISTEEV”.
  4. QR code for scanning can be found on packaging box
  5. Move to Step 4 
    1. Configure your device by clicking on any one switch for 5-6 times, like On-Off-OnOff-On-Off. You will hear a click sound and it is done.
    2. A fast green blinking LED will ensure that device is in Wi-Fi config mode.
    3. Got to phone Wi-Fi settings and connect with a 4G Wi-Fi connection available at your home.
    4. Come back to CLISTEEV app, Connected Wi-Fi name will be Auto reflected in the first text box.
    5. Enter Wi-Fi Password and name for your device.
    6. Click on Connect – Your device will be connected with Wi-Fi within 2 minutes.
    7. A continuous green light signifies successful connection with Wi-Fi.
    8. Click on ‘OK’ Button.
    1. Setup your device – Match the switches with the buttons in the device by checking the working and rename accordingly.
    2. Your device is now ready to use.

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